Thursday, April 27, 2017

St Sulpice

St Sulpice is a Roman  Catholic church built in 1646.

It is because of the Da Vinci Code that we wanted to visit this church

The west facade with two different towers

Tomb of de Gergy
He undertook the completion of St Sulpice

The Confessional

Virgin Mary and Child

St Peter

Gnomon (Meridian Line)

This gnomon is used to determine the date of Easter each year. The sun's ray will enter the church through a small opening in the south transept and will rest on the line through out the year until it reaches the obelisk on spring and autumn equinox.

The Obelisk

This is where Silas follows the line to the obelisk in his quest for the keystone in the Da Vinci Code

Fountain of the four Bishops of Louis XIV

Monday, April 24, 2017

L Ecoute : The Listener

This 70 ton sculpture  is by Henri Miller. It represents a giant's sleepy head resting on his hand

It has a smiling face

It smiles while listening to the surrounding

St Eustache Church

This church was built in 1532. Its large dimension makes it looks more like a cathedral than a church. While its exterior architectural style is Gothic, the interior was designed according to the Renaissance style.

High vaulted ceiling

The Chapel of the Virgin

The Tomb of Colbert

Education of Louis IX

Friday, April 21, 2017

Breakfast in the hotel

Today is our last day in Paris. We checked out immediately after breakfast and left our luggage at the hotel. Since we were taking the 8.13 pm train back to London, we had a full day in Paris.

Twin yolk

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Eiffel Tower at Night

We came here again because this is the best place to see the nightly light display of the tower. It starts every evening at sunset, every hour on the hour, until 1.00 am. 

The golden lights of the tower will sparkle for 5 minutes while the two beams light up the city

Is posting this photo here illegal?

No, it is not illegal but I may face a potential suit

Under the current French law, it is not illegal to take a photo of the illuminated Eiffel Tower. But to publish these photographs here, I may be sued for infringement of copyrights. This because the tower's nightly light display designed by Pierre Bideau in 1983 is classified as an "artistic installation" and as such it is protected by copyright. The duration of the protection is up to 70 years after the death of the artist.

However, owning a copyright and enforcing a copyright is two different things. I believe it is highly impractical for them to hunt down a humble photographer like me and send yours truly a cease and desist letter. Anyway, before they decide to do that and to cover myself  I hasten to add that the above Eiffel Tower illuminations are by Pierre Bideau.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Louvre Museum : European Sculptures

This section completes our visit to the Louvre Museum.

Four Captives @ Four Defeated Nations : Spain, The Holy Roman Empire, Brandeburg and Holland

Hercules struggling with a serpent

Monday, April 17, 2017

Louvre Museum : European Paintings

We continued with our trail, Masterpieces, in search of Ideal Beauty.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Mona Lisa

I am glad that the museum has created a new home for Mona Lisa. On my first visit here, there was no way I could take a photo with this Lady as all her admirers will crowd in front of her. The circular bar will prevent her admirers from coming too close and blocking the view of those from behind. However, the flip side is that we are now unable to have a close up look at her.

Marriage at Cana