Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Resort Gateway Station

Upon reaching the Maihama Station, we proceeded to the Resort Gateway Station to take the train to DisneySea

Waiting for the train

One way ticket

Last destination

Our last destination was DisneySea

Our next stop was Maihama Station

Buying out JR train tickets 

Advertisement in the station

Women only lane

Monday, February 23, 2015

Once the biggest Torii

It was the biggest torii in Japan when constructed in 1921.

25 m tall

34 m wide

Its diameter? About 2 m I think

The Shrine Haiden

This is the main hall of Yasukuni where worshipers come to pray but it is not open to the public

Danii Torii

The Shimon

Chumon Torii

The Haiden

We noticed that many Japanese bowed as they stood in front 

We were here strictly as tourist and certainly not to pay any respect to the people buried here  bearing in mind the atrocities that occurred in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world

Yasukuni Shrine

More than two million Japanese who have died in war since the Meiji Restoration are enshrined here since 1879. The controversies started when war criminals were secretly buried here in 1978. Emperor Hirohito was privately displeased with the action and has refused to visit the shrine. No emperor has visited the shrine since 1975.

Daiichi Torii

War heroes or criminals?
I think it all depends on which side you are on

Should the Japanese Prime Minister visit the shrine?
Certainly not. 
Not even in his personal capacity when he is in office

Omura Masuiro
The Father of modern Japanese army

Smoking area

Many of the soldiers longed or their mothers and water at the last moments of their lives.
This fountain represents a mother offering water in the abstract form

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tokyo Metro

We went to the Yasukuni Shrine and DisneySea

This ticket entitled us to unlimited rides on the metro for one day

The underground is air-conditioned

The Shrine is 150 m from Kudanshita Station

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last day in Tokyo

Breakfast at the hotel before starting the day