Sunday, August 2, 2015

Buses in Mykonos

We took the bus back to the hotel at 11..22 pm. The idea of walking up hill back to the hotel didn't appeal to us

Bus station in Fabrika Square

It is very convenience to take the bus as our hotel is on the first stop of every bus that leave this station. One way costs Euro 1.60 irrespective of the number of stops. 

Byzantine Art shop

This unique shop specializes in Byzantine art


Chora at night

The shops here are open until very late during the tourists season.

The atmosphere is also different at night. The pubs are now open with their music blasting way

The town was still packed with people. If you are not a waiter or  a shopkeeper, then you must be a tourist

Because there is  no elevator

Agios Nikolakis Church at night

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Walking to town

We walked to the town after coming back from our dinner.

It was 10.19 pm

Luckily we were walking down hill 

It was very windy

Dinner at Bonatsa Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the beach facing the Aegean Sea


Fried Squid

Grilled Fish

Platis Gialos

We went to Platis Gialos for dinner.

We walked along the beach to the restaurant

Little churches in Mykonos

There are many little churches in Mykonos. Some say there is one for every day of the year. Some put it as high as 800. No one knows the exact number. Only God knows.

These little churches are privately owned and therefore not all are open to the public. They are built to commemorate the lives of the departed loved ones.